Samsung to hold a healthy media event on May 28

By Rich Edmonds on 2 May 2014 06:26 am

Smartphones aren't the only pieces of kit consumers are going crazy for these days. Wearable tech, including products that monitor health, are becoming the must-have gadgets. Samsung already has the Gear Fit, but if an invite to an event in San Francisco on May 28th is anything to go by, the South Korean manufacturer isn't quite done with this market just yet. According to the invitation, Samsung is looking to start a "new conversation around health".

The event is scheduled to be held just prior to Apple's WWDC event, but we're not entirely sure what's going to be announced. As it's Samsung, and taking its rather short history of health wearable into accounts, it could be anything from announcing new sensors/components to a new product release. We'll hopefully have more details around the time of the event later this month.

Samsung Health Event

Source: Engadget

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Samsung to hold a healthy media event on May 28


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Btw I hope they announce a watch that's more ergonomic than the previous three. And a bit more economic too. In my country they cost as much as a new S3 does. Now that's just expensive anyway you see it, especially if you don't live in The States.

I'm not sure what it'll be but I don't think they'll announce a new watch. I know this is Samsung we're talking about but I don't think even they would launch a new watch this close to the launch of their most recent ones. They might have some other type of wearable coming out but most likely it's just improved apps that work with the watches they already have.

In a fan of the new health tracker movement, but I'd be happiest if my pebble could work as my fitbit. Maybe Samsung will finally make a compelling cross platform device.