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Samsung patent reveals detailed plans for smartwatch with a circular display

Samsung smartwatch
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 26 May 2014 09:24 am

In addition to the standalone smartwatch with a built-in SIM card, Samsung may be looking to offer a smartwatch with a circular display, much like the Moto 360. Patents from last year indicate that the South Korean manufacturer is working on a new interface that is designed to take advantage of the circular display.

The patent filings reveal a gesture-based navigation system as well as the inclusion of an optical sensor on the wristband. Also highlighted is the fact that the smartwatch is not a standalone offering, which means that it needs to be connected to a smartphone or a tablet to show incoming notifications.

While Samsung is scheduled to launch a wearable device that runs on the Android Wear ecosystem, it is likely that the smartwatch in question runs a custom OS like Tizen to facilitate the gesture-based interactions.

Before you go ahead and say that Samsung is copying yet another design from another manufacturer, we have to point out that these patents were filed last August, which was long before there was any mention of Android Wear or the Moto 360.

There is no indication that Samsung would even bring such a device to the market, as most patent applications are never brought to fruition. That being said, Samsung may just launch this smartwatch as an alternative to the Moto 360, which is the only other wearable device by a major manufacturer that sports a circular display.

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Samsung patent reveals detailed plans for smartwatch with a circular display


Nice, I like circular watches. I hope it comes to fruition. Although, I hope it runs off Android wear, not tizen.

I wish they had released this design over the original Galaxy Gear. Everyone seems to be all over the Moto 360 just based on design.

Hopefully Samsung will be one of the first (along with Moto and LG) on the AndroidWear bus.

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There goes the copycat again. Hoho.

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I believe the Moto 360 will still be better due to the snazziness of Android Wear and Motorola's knack for well-designed and thought out products. They know it's not always just about the specs.

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As with most smart watches coming onto the market, the display piece always looks far too bulky. It's great they're packing more into it, but bulk and looks are one of the huge detractors of why some people don't buy into the market for new tech. It's probably the reason why apple hasn't gotten into the wearable tech market yet.

I hope Android Wear works as good as it looks and can get a good foothold in the market soon. I guess Tizen is ok for wearables that are compatible with Android. Unless it became far superior to Android somehow, I wouldn't want to see it expand into the phone market. It would just be more confusing for consumers.

Wonder if it comes with TouchWiz!

No thanks Samsung. The Moto 360 beat you to this punch. Guess we can look forward to Lenovo and Samsung in patent lawsuits in the future.

I'm sure these will be all the rage in South Korea, but I just have this feeling that Samsung will figure some way to put bloatware and other unnecessary parts in this watch. I'd like that not to happen, but considering Samsung's history, I don't have much faith.