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Samsung shows off first Tizen-powered TV

Samsung Tizen TV
By Chuong H Nguyen on 3 Jun 2014 03:06 pm

At the Tizen developer conference, Samsung has shown off a new smart TV that runs the emerging operating system co-developed with Intel. The Tizen software was running on a prototype 65-inch screen with Samsung's EVP Jong-Deok Choi promising that sets with Tizen "will be on the market very soon."

According to Pocket-lint, the interface features a grid layout that users can interact with using a smart wand remote control and mouse pointer. The remote control ships with Samsung's Tizen-powered HDTV units. Users can also pair up their phones to search for content like TV shows more quickly if they need to.

Though the TV is in prototype stage at this point, the unit is described as being "very quick and responsive." The company is starting to make a push for Tizen as its recently unveiled Gear smartwatches rely on the OS and Samsung also just debuted a Samsung Z smartphone as well - a departure from the Galaxy range's reliance on Android.

In addition to its own branded sets, Samsung is also currently in talks with other TV manufacturers for a larger Tizen push.

Source: Recode and Pocket-lint

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Samsung shows off first Tizen-powered TV


I wonder how they will convince all of those current Android users to switch to Tizen or at least accept it. Maybe the UI will be close to what they do with TouchWiz already.

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