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Samsung switches the Galaxy Gear from Android to Tizen

Galaxy Gear
By Rich Edmonds on 30 May 2014 07:07 am

Samsung has finally pushed the green light on rolling out its own operating system, Tizen on its Android-based smartwatches. An update for the original Galaxy Gear is currently under way, which will bring hardware over to Tizen from Android. While consumers won't notice any substantial visual alterations, a fair few under-the-hood improvements are included in the switch.

The improvements offered by Tizen over Android include extended battery life, enhanced performance, as well as new features like a standalone music player (with the ability to locally store music on the watch), customizable shortcuts, voice commands and more. Essentially, Samsung is bumping its older smartwatch to match functionality offered by the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

To update your original Gear, you'll need to run the process through Kies or fetch the file and upgrade manually.

Source: Sam Mobile

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Samsung switches the Galaxy Gear from Android to Tizen


Hopefully this is great news for me to wake up to.

While I don't really care about what OS is running in the background. As the article states, there won't be a ton of notice differences.

I was afraid that my original Galaxy Gear would be forgotten about by Samsung. Hopefully moving it to Tizen Wil mean it will still receive updates, and that new apps will quickly be released for it.

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I wonder if this OS deployment foreshadows what Samsung will have coming out on future tablets and phones.

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I'm also wondering that. Doesn't make sense to me for them to invest a ton of resources into creating a brand new OS when they own so much marketshare.

This is huge, huge, huge news. It could completely shake up the industry. Samsung is about 63% of Android sales. They are a juggernaut and if they decide to put their muscle behind their own OS, they actually could pull it off. Also, is this article seriously suggesting that a software upgrade could switch an existing piece of hardware from Android to Tizen!??! That's insane. So if Samsung and Google don't get along, Samsung could send out a software upgrade to existing Samsung Galaxy phones and switch them to Tizen??? Crazy.

Samsung did try putting their muscle behind their own OS once before in fact the OS lasted 3 years flopped badly and hardware running the Bada OS were updated to Android when the OS got absolutely no developer support. The team behind that OS were moved onto (you guessed it) Tizen!
Although theoretically samsung could push an update to switch a smartphone over to Tizen, I doubt it would be unchallenged by Google (let alone consumers as all there app purchases get removed without consent) considering the devices were sold as advertised as running Android. It would give Samsung some serious legal issues they would be incapable of winning and then forced to reverse. Some seriously bad press for Samsung and there new OS Tizen!

Good points. Yes, familiar with Bada but I get the impression there is more muscle behind Tizen. Could be wrong.

Samsung could make it optional for end-users. Allow the end-user to make the call on the switch to Tizen and provide strong incentives like $100 worth of free apps. May be able to sway a sizeable chunk.

That amount of money for that amount of users is some serious financial incentive considering they shipped 1/4 million Galaxy s5's in the first 2 days alone. May be worth just trying there luck and paying out in court, Or there is the other side I know I have more than 250quids worth of android apps as I don't use ad financed apps and have been using android for many years. So an incentive like that isn't likely to sway me or many others as a lot of users buy books music and movies as well which won't be available on Tizen to start with, and if they force this over some fall out isn't likely to happen at all.

OT sorry for slang but You can say Dollars but when it comes to pounds sterling it flags it as spam!

It's all hypothetical and a long-shot but the most surprising aspect to me was that a software update could switch the same hardware from Android to Tizen. That was unexpected and could have ramifications. As for the amount, you're right, it wouldn't be enough for you but Samsung is a monster and I would argue that most people are buying a Galaxy because it's Samsung, not because it's Android. Most average people probably have no clue what Android is. Also, the incentive would be worth $100 to the user but wouldn't cost Samsung nearly that amount. In fact, Samsung could probably get deals from application vendors to offer up their paid apps for free, just to increase their install base and get free advertising from Samsung.

I would prefer for them to move to Android wear similar to the Moto 360. I personally don't like using proprietary software.

I hope this doesn't mess with my rooted gear, I like having Android apps on it. Namely Waze. Plus, it lets me use it on non-Samsung phones.

For people who already have one of these, this is great. Personally, I still have no interest in any smartwatch other than the Moto360. Especially not Samsung's locked down, Samsung-phone-only offering. The only reason they've sold any of these is the Samsung marketing/hype machine and the lack of any real competition. If Moto can get some real marketing power behind the 360, and Android Wear ends up being as good as it looks, Moto is going to crush these guys.
But that's lots of ifs.

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It seems like this update only offers positives! I don't have one but any update for a device that brings good things is good in my book!

I think this is why Google created Android Wear. Watches just don't have the power to run the full Android OS yet. That's probably why Tizen runs smoother on the Gear since Samsung probably created a version just for watches.

Agree. Complete with Kevin they should upgrade the fit to a smartwacth, but the gear2 us a very great smartwacth I'm considering buying one.

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How do you go through Kies to find updates? Doesn't recognize my watch as anything and my phone just wants to do backups of files.

You need to make sure kies is up to date, and there is a driver install that asks for a PC reboot. But I used Odin instead to load the latest.

I'm curious how Google feels about this. I had no idea this move would be done via a firmware update. I figured they'd require new purchases.

I just wrote up a quick review of my first 24 hours with the new OS in the forums for anyone who may be interested.

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