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Samsung teasing next generation Galaxy Gear on Twitter?

2014 Galaxy Gear
By Jared DiPane on 5 Jan 2014 01:10 pm

Samsung left a lot to be desired when they first rolled out the Galaxy Gear as reports of sales were low, and it was a bit limited in compatibility with devices. There have been a few rumors going around that Samsung was already working on a second generation of the Galaxy Gear, and that could definitely be the case. SamsungMobileUK has sent out a tweet that contains an image that definitely looks like a tease of an upcoming generation of the Galaxy Gear.

On the left of the image is the current generation of the Galaxy Gear with the year 2013 under it, and on the right hand side is the phrase "What's Next" with 2014 underneath. While there is no concrete proof here that this is a second generation Galaxy Gear it would make sense as Samsung continues to prepare for the Smart Home roll out. Whether it is a next generation Galaxy Gear, a fitness tracker or just an updated OS on the current Gear we will hopefully find out this week at CES.

Be sure to stay tuned for additional information and keep your eyes on our CES Hub for all of the updates live from Vegas.

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Samsung teasing next generation Galaxy Gear on Twitter?


I don't think they'd be so quick to announce a 2nd gen, seems more like a 'We did this in 2013... but HERE's what we're doing in 2014' deal but hey, who knows. Maybe that Galaxy Band that's been rumored is what's happening in 2014.

I could see a fitness band, that is something they are overdue on. Not 100% sold on Gear v2 yet, maybe a nice update to announce it works on other devices or adds more features.

They wouldn't imply such a direct comparison in an ad for a Gear v2. That would amount to saying "Here's the old and busted shit we put out three months ago, and here's the REAL stuff that you should get excited for."

I'll bet this is just a major software refresh, if that.