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Samsung tipped to reveal Gear Glass along with new Note at IFA 2014

Samsung Gear Glass patent rendering
By Derek Kessler on 12 Jun 2014 08:22 am

This year's gathering of tech giants and press in Berlin might very well see a new Samsung Galaxy Note, as well as new 4K OLED TVs and the Gear Glass headset. It's not surprising that we might see a new Galaxy Note at IFA — after all, it is the event where the previous three iterations of the big-screen stylus-happy smartphone launched.

But what is interesting about the Galaxy Note 4 is that it might come in two versions, and we're not talking about just different processors this time. Nope, Samsung is now rumored to have physically different versions of the Note 4 on tap, according to an unnamed executive of an unnamed Samsung partner in Korea:

"The Note 4 will have two versions ― one with a curved OLED display for niche markets and the other a flat OLED display for mass marketing."

Samsung's toyed around with curved displays before — the Samsung Galaxy Round — but they haven't taken them nearly as seriously as Korean rival LG has with the LG G Flex. A Galaxy Note 4 with a curved display, even if it's one for niche markets, would be a significant statement on Samsung's part, and match up with statements from Samsung executives that the next Note might have an all new form factor.

In addition to a flat Galaxy Note 4 and a curved Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is also reported to be bringing their Google Glass competitor Gear Glass (oh, we hope that creative name is just a placeholder) and an expanded array of connected home accessories and appliances to IFA. The see applications such as home security and energy management as offering "high growth potential" beyond just appliances.

Source: The Korea Times; Via: SamMobile

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Samsung tipped to reveal Gear Glass along with new Note at IFA 2014


Sounds just like Samsung to copy the Google Glass.. even in name.. it's how they work. I expect the first versions to be nearly identical.. They'll 'work it out' later... lol

I hope the Samsung glass looks like the concept picture shown. I think the over the one ear design is much more appealing then wearing an empty frame over the face.
Looking forward to this!

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I wonder where they got there name from... although this is better than Google glass as samsung's Gear Glass is closer to Beer Glass ;)