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Samsung wants you to be healthy, announces new hardware platform

By Derek Kessler on 28 May 2014 02:49 pm

Today at a health-focused event in San Francisco, Samsung has shown off a new advanced wearable health tracker, the SIMBAND (we'll just call it Simband from here on out). The device, which straps onto your wrist like about half of the wearables out there today, users a variety of sensors to track your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, hydration, and more, all in real time and historically. The device was created as part of a partnership with IMEC (a global micro-electronics research firm) and the University of California, San Francisco.

The Simband is modular in design and utilizes the new Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interactions (SAMI) platform to consolidate data from different devices.

That said, the Simband is a prototype "investigational device", not something that's currently destined for sale. It's more for figuring out what they can do with this sort of technology at this point, so it could be a while before Samsung releases a device with more advanced health monitoring than their Galaxy Gear series.

There's part of us that can't help but wonder if Samsung's announcement and showing off of an investigational device not bound for production is an effort to pre-empt Apple's own unannounced and in-development iWatch with embedded health-monitoring sensors. Apple's WWDC 2014 developer conference is scheduled to kick off next week, and part of iOS 8 is expected to focus on health, though we'd be surprised to see an iWatch revealed at the same time. Then again, Samsung did something similar in unveiling the not-really-ready-for-prime-time Galaxy Gear last year when the iWatch rumors started getting hot and heavy.

Is this sort of advanced health monitoring the kind of thing you want to strap to your wrist?

Source: Samsung Voice of the Body live stream Photo Credit: SlashGear

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Samsung wants you to be healthy, announces new hardware platform


I don't need yet another device specifically to tell me I need to exercise more. Don't like 90% of the existing wearables do that? Also, I get more than enough of that kind of input from my girlfriend, haha.

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Really though, this seems like more of something that would be useful for the medical industry than for the general public.

Though I'm sure the more active crowd would love to have all that info. I guess it really depends on price.
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Holding out for a device that has blood glucose level monitoring as a feature as well as the incredible amount of information it currently provides. It can be hard to keep a proper balance during times of physical activity for type 1 diabetics. Sugar lows can be more dangerous than highs in some cases. Such a device could help prevent lows as well as highs in such cases.

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I was really hoping that they'd have a little more than just this to announce.

I woke up this morning to an update FOR gear manager. Thought something was brewing. Unfortunately it seems the way samsung is moving is they release a device, support it for a few months, and release a replacement.

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Hmmm isn't this something very similar to the Gear Fit? Why weren't all those alleged specs brought into the Gear Fit?

I'm all for innovation in the heath wearables department, I just don't trust Samsung to truly innovate.

Things like that could be good for people with health issues. I don't need one although I like the heart rate thing for training but I guess its still not exactly it.

We're moving toward futuristic bodysuits that monitor your vital signs and help with self healing.