Samsung won't be launching new products at May 28 health event

By Richard Devine on 10 May 2014 04:42 am

Samsung is throwing a press event on May 28 in San Francisco to talk about health, but it won't be launching any new products there. Speaking to Re/code, Samsung's Stefan Heuser, confirmed that this is indeed the case. Heuser didn't give any clues as to what will actually be discussed in San Francisco.

So, that puts an end to that speculation, at least for now. The plot thickens to exactly what will be happening on May 28.

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Samsung won't be launching new products at May 28 health event


It's an end run to get some of the hype off Apple maybe? or two benefit from it? who knows.. These days I lean toward Apple, HTC or anything not Samsung really. Sony has some nice stuff these days. Samsung has burned their bridges with me..

Maybe they'll be announcing that the original Galaxy Gear is moving to Tizen. That they are opening up Gear Manager for all android devices so ALL of their wearables are compatible with any android phones. And announcing hundreds of apps that will be released for their 4 watches (gear, gear2, neo, fit).

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Health products? As in, the market in which QNX is very well established in right now? Maybe they read the CrackBerry article on how there are plenty possibilities for technology in the health sector...

Hmmnow I wonder what else they might be up to. Just because they're not there doesn't necessarily mean they're not doing anything. Maybe their timeline isn't lining up...