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The Samsung WW9000 is smarter than your average washing machine

By Derek Kessler on 19 May 2014 01:45 pm

It's time to ditch your silly old-fashioned washing machine and its silly old-fashioned dials and buttons, because there's a new Samsung washing machine in town. The new Samsung WW9000 washing machine is smart, perhaps even smarter than you when it comes to the whole washing of clothes thing. It does away with the buttons and dials of a more traditional washer for a touch screen that lets you select from many more washing modes, plus a bevy of sensors that aim to make the washing process even smarter.

Not only can you select from a wide range of wash cycles to handle specific types of soiled garments (and here I was thinking that the only useful choices were between a full or small load and hot or cold water), but you can control the WW9000 through your smartphone. Because why not? That smartphone integration will send you "notifications on the remaining cycle-time and when the wash is complete." It's not unlike LG's text your washing machine feature.

The smartest part might just be the "Auto Optimal Wash" setting. You just shove in your clothes and tell the machine to get washing — it uses sensors to determine the size and how dirty your clothes are, and then does everything else automatically. It even has a built-in detergent reserve that's supposedly good for up to a month of washing form which it will dispense only the amount of detergent that is needed.

The Samsung WW9000 cannot, however, stop you from putting a red shirt into a hot wash with all of your whites, turning them into pinks.

What do you think — is a connected washing machine in your future?

Source: Samsung

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The Samsung WW9000 is smarter than your average washing machine


Nope. Not enough to cross the chasm. Let's see...maybe if my hamper was a washing machine. So I would toss my dirty clothes in the top, it'll automatically wash and dry as it goes and out the bottom comes clean clothes...maybe then we're talking. Or more realistically advances in nano-fabrics just make clothes that don't need washing in the first place. So the concept of washing clothes just becomes obsolete?

If it could do that and wash/dry in the same machine than I'd start saving my pennies. Right now I already have voice activated laundry cycle time checking... "hey, kid, run downstairs and tell me how much time is left on the washer."

Works great most of the time ;)

Now we're getting there! I mentioned on the LG article that it was a bit lacking the sense that text messages were only making the information go one way... now there's some legit connectedness with it being a two way flow of information. Now if it could switch to a dryer mode so I never have to leave me couch, you've got me sold!

I like the idea but have no desire for my washing machine and I to be this close... remember back when people used rocks and washboards?

What I really want is a washing machine that automatically dumps clean clothes into the dryer and gets it started. I hate realizing I've left my clean clothes in the washer to mildew a day and a half later.

It's definitely a step in the right direction. The connecting with the smart phone is a great feature. Just this morning my wife was bitching about not know how long was left on the washer cycle. Being able to check her S4 would solve that easily.

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I'm not interested. Laundry is just something I toss in and check later. I never really care when the clothes are done washing. It won't hurt if they sit in the washer a few minutes after they're done.

The dryer has a loud buzzer, so I know when the clothes are done drying. It's more important to take clothes out of a dryer quickly, so they don't wrinkle.

Yeah, but its like having an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier; it does it all, but each one is lacking something. As opposed to having separate devices that do the job they are for perfectly.

It does seem like the washing and drying sequence is in need of some kind of innovating. Clothes should automatically go from washer to dry with out having to be manually transfered.

I like the idea, but why would I ever need to have an app to start my laundry? Maybe if I had kids throw things inside per my request. Yet if I'm putting laundry in, I will start it right there and then. I didn't see in the video, but having a timer go off on my phone would be awesome, since I tend to forget. I wonder what the price is on this...

This is a pretty cool washer, it's amazing how many items are becoming smart. The days of the Jetson's aren't too far away.

This is an overly glorified washing machine. Tho it looks good, I think I won't be investing for such washing machine. I can wash clothes by myself. Haha!

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