The smart way to organize your space

An ancient proverb goes something like "a cluttered desktop leads to a cluttered mind." Well, it's actually not ancient, but it makes a lot of sense. An organized workspace helps your organize your thoughts and focus on the task at hand. Satechi's smart monitor stand can help you achieve this.

Less clutter

The Satechi smart monitor stand is an elegant solution to tidy up your workspace. It solves two problems by giving you convenient ports to plug your accessories into and it raises your monitor's height. This monitor stand will add four USB 3.0 ports to your laptop or desktop computer. This gives you more places to plug in a flash drive, charge your phone, or add a wireless dongle. The stand also has built-in headphone and microphone ports which is great if your desktop's audio jacks are tucked away in an inconvenient spot.

Satechi Smart Monitor Stand

The Satechi Smart Monitor Stand adds function and space to your work area.


Satechi adds height and functionality to your laptop or desktop while cleaning up your workspace.

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Taking productivity to new heights

In addition to being smart, this monitor stand will help you reclaim your desktop. Place your monitor or laptop on the riser and adjust its height until your screen is even with your eye level (crucial for a full day of emails at the office or long hours spent editing a video or designing graphics). Use the added space below the stand to tidy up your workstation and tuck away a wireless keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals. Or use the extra space as a cool fort for the Pop! Avengers, Star Wars, or Ninja Turtles decorating your desk.