A bright idea!

You may not need a table lamp in your room, but the Transloetje transcends mere needs. With modern, touchless, wireless tech, but a retro silhouette, this lamp collection quickly becomes a decor piece worth coveting.

Cord-free lighting anywhere you want

The Transloetje was designed to look like your grandma's lamp, but work for the modern home. It allows you to bring light to the spaces you need light and position it on any shelf, table, or nook, because you never have to worry about reaching an outlet with this lamp. Simply charge it up through its micro-USB port, and the lamps super efficient LED bulbs will keep illuminate your space for hours.

Transloetje lamps


Transloetje touchless lamps provide a cord-free solution to add light and color throughout your home.

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Tap on. Tap off.

The style of these lamps is very distinctive. The translucent body is accented by a vibrant colored cable encased within allowing a little peek at the internal mechanisms of this lamp. Need a better look? Simply tap the base of the lamp to turn the light on and give it another few taps to select between three brightness levels or to turn it off. The Transloetje is available in eight colors to match or stand out from any space they decorate.