German audio company Sennheiser has announced an update to their Orpheus line of premium headphones. It's an update to the Orpheus HE90's that came out back in 1991. Those cost $16,000 brand new back in the day, so perhaps it won't be as shocking to you to find out the new ones will cost €50,000 (roughly $55,000 USD). Only about 250 units are set to be produced per year, with availability starting in the middle of 2016. If you're an audiophile, there's still plenty of time to save up.

The Orpheus, Sennheiser's new audiophile milestone, promises an unprecedented audio experience with outstanding technical innovations that make it the best headphone system in the world.

Integrated amplifiers - patented technology The purest of all audio, shielded from the outside world, emerges from the heart through the Cool Class A MOSFET high-voltage amplifiers. These are integrated directly into the cups of the headphones using Sennheiser's unique patented process.

Digital to analogue conversion The monument to sound converts digital music data to analogue signals using the ESS SABRE ES9018 chip. When you experience Sennheiser's best ever sound, you'll be converted too.

Hand-crafted for ultimate comfort The genuine leather ear cups are designed and built in Germany ensuring the highest possible comfort. Immerse yourself entirely in an audio experience which can be felt with all your senses.

The best of tube and transistor amplifiers The patent-applied-for circuit design combines the best of tube and transistor amplifiers, to provide the ultimate audio experience.

A vault of pure silence At its heart is a vault of pure silence, locked in with Sennheiser technology and heavily guarded against interference of any kind. Measuring just 0.01 percent at 100 dB SPL, Sennheiser has created a product with lower distortion than has ever been measured in sound reproduction equipment.

A golden audio experience In order to create truly outstanding electrical and acoustic performance, Sennheiser utilizes transducers crafted from gold-vaporized ceramics.

A testament to craftsmanship To create a visually stunning design, control dials are painstakingly crafted to the highest quality. Each dial is milled from a single piece of brass before being plated with chrome.

Ultra-high impulse fidelity The monument to sound ushers in a new era of audio excellence. Its ultra-high impulse fidelity patented amplifier stage in the headphones increases efficiency by 200% over other currently available sound reproduction equipment.

Monumental purity Crafted without compromise, the sound rises from the amplifiers through the 99.9% silver-plated cables, chosen for optimum conductivity. When it flows to the ear, a sound never before experienced is born.

Isolated from airborne noise Nothing stands in the way of the listening pleasure created by this monument to sound. Not even airborne noise: High-quality quartz bulbs around the vacuum tubes eliminate all acoustic noise from the outside world.

Made of marble An amplifier housing crafted of finest Carrara marble of the type once used by Michelangelo to build his sculptures. Due to its mass, purity and solidity, it is an unshakeable foundation for the ultimate sound.

Platinum-vaporized When the monument to sound makes itself heard, 2.4 micrometer, platinum-vaporized diaphragms will set a new standard in perfection. As our research has shown, the optimal size for sound reproduction.

Frequency range A monumental sound takes shape: an unprecedented, ultra-wide frequency range from 8 Hz to more than 100 kHz will exceed the human auditory range – and would be only perceivable by the combined hearing abilities of bats and elephants.

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Video Credit : Headfi