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Sense sleep monitor aims to track your tossing and turning through your pillow

By Chuong H Nguyen on 23 Jul 2014 02:50 pm

Sense is a new connected accessory that hopes to help you have a better day through better sleep. Comprised of two parts, a Sleep Pill that clips on to your pillow to measure movement in bed and a a Sense module that sits on a nightstand or table to analyze your surroudings, the system will tell you how well you sleep at night and perhaps why you were restless in bed.

Unlike many existing activity trackers that just track movement to determine if you're tossing and turning at night or are in deep sleep, Sense makes sense of your environment and gives you additional information about why you were disturbed in your sleep at night.

When your Sleep Pill detects motion, Sense will activate its sensors to tell you if noise or temperature is interrupting your sound sleep. The Sense module that sits on your bedstand comes equipped with sensors for measuring ambient light, sound, temperature, humidity, and it even has a high quality speaker, proximity sensor, particulate sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy.

So whether if it's dust that's making you cough at night in your sleep or the neighbor's barking dog, Sense will let you know how well you didn't sleep and why.

In the morning, Sense will wake you up in a more natural state by analyzing if you're in restful sleep. The natural alarm will help find a good time to wake you up so you will feel alert in the morning.

The project is available on Kickstarter right now and pledges of $99 or more will get you the Sense modules and app when they are released. After the Kickstarter funding, pre-orders will set you back $129 if you choose to wait.

Do you find the added information that Sense provides on why you were restless at night helpful? Is this a product that you will consider over other solutions because of this extra data collected through more sensors?

Source: Sense via Kickstarter

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Sense sleep monitor aims to track your tossing and turning through your pillow


I need this to analyze my teens sleep but I wonder if it takes into account the cat moving around

the "Sleep as Android" app already does this (minus the telling you why, temp, humidity, etc) using your phone. I use it a few times a week. It does record sounds so if you are snoring you will know it!