Meet the Sensel Morph. It is a revolutionary multi-touch input device that is quickly gaining a lot of attention to its Kickstarter campaign. The Sensel Morph looks like a trackpad, but its 20,000 individual sensor elements make it much more than that. So many sensors allow it incredibly sensitive touch recognition, capable of detecting even a fine stroke from a paintbrush. This incredibly precise pad combines with various overlays that will turn the device into any tool or instrument imaginable. Connect it to your computer thru USB, or your tablet and phone with BlueTooth. The overlays are thin, flexible and snap magnetically onto the Sensel surface. An identification code in the magnet lets the device know what overlay is installed. There are already overlays designed that will turn it into a keyboard, piano, music production controller, gaming pad, art stylus, drum pad and paper overlayed innovator's kit. Come launch day, the company will also allow customers a Web-based drag-and-drop interface to create their own overlays. The company also believes the product can serve more functions and hopes the public can provide that feedback to them. They are offering a contest to submit overlays, and one will be chosen as the 8th official overlay.

The Kickstarter page had a goal of raising $60,000 to put this product on the market. That has quickly eclipsed with over $380,000 being pledged. A few early backers were able to reserve their spot for a Sensel Morph and three sensors for $199. If the Sensel Morph interests you, there are $249 backer spots open that promise to get you the unit by January 2016. It will be neat to see what other possible overlays will work with the device and what its customers will be able to create with it.

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