4K TVs are so yesterday! At least that's what Sharp seems to be saying with the announcement of their new 8K LCD panel. Boasting a resolution 16 times that of full HD, the LV-85001 monitor has a total resolution of 7680x4320. It also has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 176-degree viewing angles, and will be available for purchase to business customers in Japan on October 30th. If you do happen to find an 8K source, the LV-85001 requires all 4 HDMI terminals to output.

What's more amazing than the 33.2 megapixels resolution is the price of the TV. The folks at Mashable claim the price to be 16 million Yen or the equivalent to 132,667.02 USD. For the price of a high-end supercar, you can be future-proof and 8K ready.

See the full Specs list of the LV-85001