A team of developers has launched their 4th Kickstarter campaign continuing to work on improving time lapse devices. Their newest campaign is called Pulse, and it's a Bluetooth-enabled add-on for your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. It's a sleek looking device that connects to your camera's USB port and allows you to control its functions remotely from your smartphone. Along with its iOS and Android App, the Pulse makes shooting time-lapse photography much easier and allows you to control everything from your phone rather than trying to adjust settings directly on the camera. This feature is great when you're all setup doing long time-lapses and want to tweak a setting or check on something without disturbing the camera. You can even control up to three Pulse-equipped cameras at once, allowing you to become an epic film producer.

Pulse allows for Exposure Ramping, which can help you capture day-to-night transitions and was designed specifically to work with the LRTimelapse software.

The impressive product and the fact the company has previously delivered three successful Kickstarter campaigns without a problem has garnered them plenty of pledge support. The project is already $100,000 past its $50,000 pledge goal, and estimates for the $74 Pulse ($25 discount on retail) are set for an April 2016 delivery.

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