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If you don't shave with a brush you're shaving wrong. Sorry, but it's true. After you switch to using a brush, you will agree that it is the best shaving experience. When you decide to make the switch, choose from a family of brushes created by a company with one mission: to give every man the perfect shave.

Enjoy every shave

The Art of Shaving has reserved only the very finest badger hair available for their Silvertip line of brushes. The bristles of these brushes are made from badger hair. While the viciously-clawed badger does not seem like a creature you would want rubbing against your face, Badger hair is incredibly absorbent. This means the warmth, moisture, and lather from your water and shaving cream will be preserved in your brush. So each time you rub the brush against your face the brush exfoliates, lifts your stubble, and evenly spreads your shaving cream.

The Art of Shaving Silvertip Brush


Shave like a gentleman with the help of the Silvertip Shaving Brush from The Art of The Shave.

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The Art of Shaving handmakes the tips of their Silvertip line by reserving only the premium hair from around the badger's neck (saving the more plentiful fur from other parts of the animal for their entry-level lines). This means the softest-tipped bristles are lifting your stubble as you apply your lather, preventing ingrown hairs and giving you a smooth, close shave.

The Silvertip Shaving Brush is part of the premium line of brushes from the Art of Shaving. This brush is available in black, ivory, or nickel-plated handles and is a luxurious addition to turn your shaving routine into a shaving ritual.