Wood you give it a try?

In a world of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and all manner of wearables sometimes it's nice to unplug and keep it simple. A basic wooden wristwatch adds style balances style and simplicity with your connected life.

No special features. No distractions.

This wooden watch will not send you push notifications. It will not stream your music. If you tell it to reschedule coffee with Kristen to tomorrow or ask it where to find a great sushi restaurant nothing will happen. Instead it offers simplicity.

Wooden Watch


The Etsy artisan behind Done Better has created an understated by stylish wooden watch that makes a beautiful accessory.

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Timeless simplicity

Each Wooden Watch by this Etsy artisan is handcrafted. As you glance at the watch face you'll know what time it is, but gazing at it's beautiful wood grain is also a soothing way to ground you in a world that is otherwise filled with distractions.

The face of this timepiece is simple and understated, matching its plain leather band. Yet it still stands out as a distinct style element in a world of sleek glass screens, curved metal edges, and touch-enabled everything.