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Simplicam gets even better with detection zones and improved notifications

One of our favorite Wi-Fi cameras, simplicam, has received an update today that brings along some great new features — most notably detection zones for motion. With new detection zones, you can specify hotspots within your camera's view in which motion will be detected. So if you want to cut out...

Simplicam can now recognize faces and tell you who's at home

ArcSoft, the company behind Simplicam, has today announced at CES an app update will be rolled out to enable a new beta feature – facial recognition. This new functionality will be available to those who update their Simplicam iOS or Android Closeli apps. The new Face Recognition...

Simplicam review: This simple connected camera lives up to its name

Standalone Wi-Fi cameras are becoming more and more of a thing in the connected home. While many connected home systems include some type of camera, there are many inexpensive systems that don't offer cameras at all. So rather than drop a load of cash for an all-in-one system that does include...