One of our favorite Wi-Fi cameras, simplicam, has received an update today that brings along some great new features — most notably detection zones for motion.


With new detection zones, you can specify hotspots within your camera's view in which motion will be detected. So if you want to cut out portions of the video, you can now do just that. Also added are improved notifications, better video editing, and night vision improvements.

Simplicam is a solid in-home solution if you're looking for a Wi-Fi camera, so be sure to check out our full review if you're looking to pick one up. You can grab one now from Amazon for just $149 (with various recording options available for an extra fee).

Download the Closeli app for simplicam for Android or iOS.

Press Release

ArcSoft's simplicam® powered by Closeli® Adds Detection Zones

New Layer of Customization Comes to Home Monitoring

FREMONT, Calif., March 3rd, 2015– ArcSoft, a global leader of image-intelligent technologies, today announced the immediate availability of Detection Zones, a new feature in simplicam® powered by Closeli®. Detection Zones allows users to customize motion and face alerts based on specific areas of a room. Now, parents and pet-owners can minimize alert notifications by eliminating alerts from areas where children are playing or pets are moving. In addition, based on excellent user feedback and suggestions, this update also includes a new user interface that makes editing and sharing videos easier and improved motion and night vision sensitivity settings.

simplicam is the first and only home monitoring Wi-Fi video camera with both Face Detection and Face Recognition capabilities. Users can go from the box to watching live streaming HD video in about three minutes, and take advantage of motion/sound alert via the free Closeli app. In addition, users can talk to family or pets at home through the camera using the microphone on their phone. Premium Closeli Recording Services provide enhanced features, such as recording in the cloud, easy editing and sharing options and unique Face Detection and Face Recognition technology.

"Recently we announced Face Recognition as a beta feature, which has been extremely well-received. In addition, we built in a feedback button that gives our user community the ability to take part in the development of the product by offering feedback and suggestions on current and new features," said Caroline Tien-Spalding, Senior Director of Marketing, ArcSoft. "With the addition of Detection Zones and other updates, like easier video sharing and increased sensitivity features, we are continuing to deliver on our promise of a truly customized connected home experience."

New and improved features in this update include:

  • Detection Zones: Customize motion and face alerts based on specific areas of a room.
  • Easier editing: A new Recorded Video Manager allows users to quickly edit, share and download clips. Tap the scissors icon to get started!
  • Video deleting: Permanently delete selected clips from the Closeli Cloud at any time.
  • Night vision and motion sensitivity improvements: Adds the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the night vision and improved motion sensor sensitivity adjustments.
  • Notification preferences: Easily turn phone notifications on/off within the app

Availability and Pricing

simplicam powered by Closeli is available for $149.99 on or

Users can visit the app store to download the latest version of the Closeli app to enable new features. Premium features, like Face Recognition and Detection, and video recording are included with a Closeli Recording Service plan, which start at $4.99/month.

For more information on Closeli Recording Services and pricing options, please visit