Skully Systems taking pre-orders for Android-based motorcycle helmet

By John Callaham on 11 Aug 2014 09:53 am

Skully Systems has started taking pre-orders, via Indiegogo, for its Android-based motorcycle helmet, the Skully AR-1, with prices starting at a steep $1,399.

The AR-1 is designed not just to protect riders from being injured in a wreck but also to give them some additional information. It has a heads-up display that can show information such as navigation and more on a rider's eyes. It can also show what's just behind the rider thanks to the built in rear-view camera.

Naturally, the helmet can also link up to a smartphone for additional features, such as voice commands so that riders don't have to pull over to take a phone call. Skully Systems plans to ship the first AR-1 helmets to its pre-order customers in May 2015. There's even a $1,999 edition that's hand-numbered and signed by the company's CEO Marcus Weller.

What do you think of the Skully AR-1 helmet and do you think the price is right for its promised features?

Source: Skully Systems

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Skully Systems taking pre-orders for Android-based motorcycle helmet


YouTube will need more servers to host all the videos of young males filming their machismo that this will engender.

Don't get me wrong, I'm readying a supply of popcorn. I loves me some FailBlog.