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Slice could be the media player you've been waiting for

By Richard Devine on 14 Aug 2014 09:30 am

Slice is a Kickstarter project that has really caught our eye, since it looks like it could be a fantastic little home media player. The project has been started by FiveNinjas out of the UK and is currently attracting a decent amount of support on its way towards the £90,000 target. So, what is it?

Underneath Slice is a mixture of a 1TB hard drive, XBMC with a custom designed interface and a Raspberry Pi compute module. With that honkin' great hard drive in there Slice can store a whole heck of a lot of your own media which can be added to it via a simple drag and drop after hooking it up to your computer. With two USB ports on the back you can even extend that storage further by hooking up external hard drives.

But with an XBMC based system running the show you're not limited to just what's stored on the device, either. Slice can access media over a network and can even be reprogrammed to run different software if you don't like what it comes with. The team have developed their own custom interface which actually looks pretty nice and will ship the box with its own custom remote control.

Of course, first it needs to hit the funding goal but it's already well on the way to that. As far as media players go we think this one looks pretty sharp – especially in that black aluminium case – and we're interested to see where it goes from here. Streaming media over a network is great, but sometimes you just can't beat physical storage. We'll be following along to see if Slice hits its Kickstarter goal but if you're interested be sure to visit the source link below.

Reader comments

Slice could be the media player you've been waiting for


I think they are missing the boat not having the streaming services included (ie, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon, etc). It's not worth $265 US dollars with only a hard drive and XBMC.

Problem with that is they'd need to approach those companies for deals to put their apps on it. Sure there are some tweaks about for XBMC or whatever it'll be called going forward that can get goodies on there

Not sure if it is worth it with the FireTV out (currently at $85). Root it, install XMBC, use an external USB drive if needed. Of the people I see talking on the forums that use XBMC regularly, all seem to have network storage at this point. None that I know personally store anything locally. Stream from site off on the internet, or stream from local network storage.

Agreed. Our house has it's own server going when the networks on and I often stream my ever growing collection of music from there to my devices.

So essentially it's a case with PSU for a HDD, a RPi, and a few skins? Oh yes and essential drivers. OK, nothing wrong with that, but I'm missing 24/96 electrical S/PDIF out to my stereo equipment, and a bluray drive hidden behind that LED strip. And Wifi.