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LG shows off its G Watch in a new video

By Phil Nickinson on 11 May 2014 10:51 pm

We continue to inch ever closer to actually seeing the first Android Wear watches, and tonight LG has rolled out a new promo video for its LG G Watch.

"LG defines the smartwatch," the 53-second video says, noting that it's "compatible with Android" while showing it against wireframes of an LG smartphone, and a more generic-looking (we'll assume it's a G Pad) tablet. It's "sleek and light for all-day comfort," the video continues. Other tag lines include "metal body for a timeless look," and "ready for anything, anytime with a single charge." (It's good to know it doesn't take more than one charge, we guess.) Its water resistance is also highlighted,

Still no official word on pricing and availability, but we're still expecting it this summer, probably for around $300.

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LG shows off its G Watch in a new video


This looks cool but I'll stick to my 7 days of charge on my Pebble. If they could come up with a Pebble Steel GPE I'd be very happy.

You know it! My Kickstarter Pebble is failing me (memory problems?) But don't want to buy another if a version 2.0 is coming in the next few months and I have yet to see these new Google powered ones. I don't care for apps, notifications are key for me, and Pebble does that wonderfully. Need more players in this market...

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I'm still more inclined to purchase the Moto360, but will make a final decision once all of the specs are announced on all of the future AndroidWear devices.

Then again, samsung was announced as being a partner of AndroidWear, so I'm eager to see what they bring to the table. Who knows..... Maybe their current line of galaxy gear watches will be able to run AndroidWear. I'd be fine with saving $300 and keeping my current watch.

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This is actually pretty slick. But I like how samsung integrated a camera. Why, not to sure but at least I have one! LOL But this looks like it will be a great seller. Can't wait for apple to come out with one, and see what they do.

I'm liking this better than I did when it first came out. Will be interesting to see how battery life and functionality stack up against Moto 360. And of course price!

When I see a Smartwatch commercial with people wearing them and using them, all I can think of is "Dude! Isn't your phone in your back pocket? Are you really that lazy that you can't just reach back there and pull it out?" I can maybe see the use for a runner or biker but other than that, I need some serious convincing.

I used to have that mentality as well. I bought my first pebble at Best Buy and said if I dont experience real world benefits in 30 days ill just take it back.

Within two weeks I found myself turning around if I forgot it at home. Its something thats difficult to describe unless you use one.

I cant wait for Wear devices. I have run the emulator and had it reading my device notifications just to get a general feel for it. Its going to be great.

This ad is freaking awesome! How it's made is very enticing and it makes me go Loco. Seriously I want one. Hoping it's compatible with my BlackBerry Q10.

Not bad, though I'm not a fan of the overly square shape. I think it would look quite a bit better of the top and bottom tapered toward the band.

I'm kind of tempted to get one of these or a Moto 360. However, since I know I'm going to get Google Glass once they are officially on the market, a smart watch seems redundant. I guess it would be useful when I'm not wearing or can't wear Glass for whatever reason.

I find it fugly !! the same stupid square shapes over and over and over and over .....
The only one on the right track is pebble and hypothetically the Moto 360 ...