Sling TV adds AMC, opens its doors for everyone to try out the Internet TV service

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By John Callaham on 9 Feb 2015 10:05 am

Sling TV, the Internet-based TV service that was first announced by Dish at CES 2015, is now available for anyone to access following an invite-only beta testing period. Dish has also announced that AMC has been added to its list of networks that can be accessed with its basic fee of $20 a month.

Sling TV (not to be confused with the Slingbox television set-top box), can be accessed on the Roku set top box and Roku Stick, along with Roku-based smart TVs.. Dish is offering users a seven day free trial, so you can see if this "cord-cutting" option is right for you before paying the monthly fee. In addition to the $20 tier, which offers a collection of 15 channels, customers can pay for additional collections of sports, news and kids channel for $5 a month each.

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Sling TV adds AMC, opens its doors for everyone to try out the Internet TV service


Never said it was competing (and actually they are, just with different approaches to 'cord cutting'). Do I want such a meager channel offering with 'live TV' or do I go with the 'a-la-carte' approach of current-season shows and movies? The pricing is no coincidence (DirecTV is doing the same with their basic promo know, the one Rob Lowe advertises. AT&T just came up with a similar basic package, too). And it all boils down to personal preference. In my case, THAT channel lineup (and again, this is just ME) doesn't appeal to my 'needs', even at 20 bucks.

seems like a pretty pathetic set of second tier channels. I don't watch sports (I'd rather play), my kids are grown, and I still have to watch commercials every 5 minutes on TNT, TBS, etc. Its not ready for my $20 yet.

After checking the site I currently get a better bundled deal from Comcast, whom I hate.

I don't watch sports, Food Network, or any of the "news" networks they picked so I would still be wasting money.

Cable companies paired with internet still offer better deals, especially when you add in premiums like HBO GO. Once I can get a DirectTV with U-verse internet bundle I'm set.