Kicked TV Episode 6

Dan Verville and Kim Gesell bring us another episode of KickedTV, breaking down their top 5 picks in this week's kickstart crowdfunding campaigns.

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1. Lumos Bicycle Helmet

Lumos is a next generation bicycle helmet, and the first proclaimed smart helmet that features more than 60 built-in LEDs. Lumos displays right and left turn signals with inputs coming from a waterproof wireless remote that you can attach to your bicycle's handlebars. There are also integrated front lights, as well as automatic brake lights that turn on when the build in accelerometer senses you slow down. The rechargeable battery can be charged via micro USB cable, and will last about 3 1/2 hours. It is available in charcoal black or pearl white currently only $90 or higher pledges are available to get your hands on one of these Lumos helmets.

Pledge on KickStarter to get the Lumos - $85

2. Polar Ice Tray

Polar Ice Tray is the first ever patented device that allows anyone to make a sphere of crystal clear ice. The Polar Ice Tray makes large size ice that is round and contains less surface area, so the ice melts slower preventing your drinks from getting watered down. Currently, $30 or higher pledges can get you the Polar Ice Tray.

Pledge on KickStarter to get the Polar Ice Tray - $30 and up.

3. Daymak Photon Scooter

Daymak Photon Scooter - An Electric Scooter that solar self-charges and has a built-in boombox. The Photon Scooter is equipped with a polycrystalline solar panel cells on top of its base that will trickle-charge your scooter anytime its near natural light. The built-in speakers will play music from your plugin USB device, Bluetooth or FM radio. It can also hold and charge your phone while your ride and is fully waterproof. The Photon Scooter can go up to 15 Km/H ( 9.3 mph) and take you a distance of 10 Km (6.2 miles). Currently a pledge of $185 plus shipping will get you a Daymak Photon Scooter.

Pledge on KickStarter to get the Daymak Photon Scooter- $185 and up.

4. The New Ilumi Bulb

The new Ilumi Bulb is the self-proclaimed Simplest, Brightest, & Smartest Light Bulb in the universe. The Bluetooth enabled bulb can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet using the ilumi app. It requires no hub or bridge, can turn on and off based on time even while you are on vacation, sync to Spotify and change to the beat of your music, and much more. Currently, the A19 model 60w equivalent bulb can be purchased for $35, and other bulb styles are available.

Pledge on KickStarter to get an ilumi bulb - $29 and up.

5. A.D.E.D Pants

All Day Every Day (ADED) Pants bring the comfort of indoors pants with the style of outdoor pants. Nylon and Spandex fabric designed with comfort in mind but stylish enough to be worn anywhere the ADED Pants feature and Elastic Waistband similar to most sweat pants, but a Faux Front Fly to look like dress pants. Comfort isn't cheap, and these pants will set you back $95.

PreOrder your A.D.E.D Pants - $95.00