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SpotCam Review - A solid Wi-Fi camera that doesn't quite make the cut

Another Wi-Fi camera popped up on our radar recently, and it goes by the name of SpotCam. The $149 camera offers many features similar to those of competitors like Dropcam and SImplicam, but also a few more that may make it more appealing to some users. With 24-hours of free recording, night mode...

Eye Fi mobi review: A frustrating experience all-round

Eye Fi has been making SD cards with built in Wifi for a while now and like anything as time has passed it has become a better, more refined product. The latest in the line is the mobi which boasts better performance, better integration with your mobile devices and better integration with your...
5 cool connected camera accessories for your iPhone

5 cool connected camera accessories for your iPhone

Due to its tremendous popularity, the iPhone has no shortage of third-party accessories. In fact, it's got to be the smartphone with the most accessories available out there for pretty much anything one could think of — and then some. This includes several camera accessories to make the best out...

Lifelogger's face camera will keep your hands free so you can always be recording

If Google Glass is out of your budget range, but you still want to record your life story, Lifelogger may be your answer. The concept behind Lifelogger is a familiar one: wear a camera that can easily record from your point-of-view all of those important memories, such as birthdays, playing...