Siri, cook me a big, 'ole slab of meat!

There's a fine line between a juicy pork chop and giving everyone at your BBQ food poisoning. Stay on the right side of this line with a little help from your iPhone by using Char-Broil's smart smoker.

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The Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology by Char-Broil is the ultimate way to monitor your brisket, bacon, ribs, or anything else you put into your smoker. Traditionally, smoking meats is an all day process with constant checks to ensure the temperature is hot enough to actually cook your food all the way through, but not too hot to dry your meat. It's a very delicate balance and nothing feels worse than spending a full day cooking a beautiful slab of meat only to discover you've overdone it. With SmartChef Technology your phone connects to your smoker telling you the exact temperature of your smoker, the temperature of your meat, and the estimated time until it's ready to eat!your book or tablet for bathtime reading.

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology


This smart smoker connects with your phone to notify you how your tasty cut of meat is cooked to perfection!

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A smarter way to cook

This smoker works with current generation iPhones (all the way back to iPhone 4s) or Android phones running any operating system KitKat or newer. This system is a great way to keep you enjoying your time in your home or backyard and entertaining guests for a big cookout, rather than constantly worrying about how your food is doing. Your phone will keep you posted so you know exactly when it's time to something. In the meantime, kick back, sip a sangria, and let the smoker do the work!