A new Kickstarter campaign is running for a product called Unique, and it can turn any regular watch into a smart one. We've seen smart bands on "dumb" watches recently, but Unique is truly unique in its approach. Unique features a discreet multi-colour LED built into the strap that lets you set its color, depending on the notification it receives. You also get the ability to reject incoming calls with a double tap on the band. It has built-in NFC technology allowing you to store access keys and tags, so you can use your wrist to swipe near field. It also works for fitness tracking by measuring your steps, speed, and calories burnt. These and a few other simple features will add a bit of "smart" to your "dumb" watch.

The battery is said to last 2-3 days and can be recharged using the included inductive wireless charger. An app for both iOS and Android devices lets users configure the straps functionality to suit their needs. With it you also get tracking of your fitness statistics. It's available in a variety of sizes and can fit watches faces between 20-26 mm.

UBirds, the company behind the Unique straps knows the importance of everyone wanting to be unique. That's the novelty and niche of owning a watch, so they let the buyer customize the strap to their specific taste and style. Their website creator allows you to choose the strap color, type of stitching, thread color, the number of loops, and even the shape of the buckles. You also get your variety of leather types to choose from to make your Unique strap a truly unique one.

Of course, all this customizability and detail isn't cheap. Pledge spots of $499 will be able to use the creator tool to design their own wrist strap. However, if you just want to get the smart tech into your watch, a pledge of $139 promises to get you a strap in your choice of three colors by April 2016.

Check out the UBirds Unique smart straps on Kickstater

What's your take? Do you wear a traditional watch and could see yourself wanting one of these? Leave your comments below and let us know.