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Never lose your phone, keys or car again, and automate everyday activities with this smart, connected tracker.

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MYNT is a smart, thin loss prevention device and universal remote. You can use MYNT to track down your missing phone. Just click the button and your sneaky phone will ring so you can find it.

MYNT can also be used as a universal remote. Want to listen to some music while you get ready in the morning? Make the melody flow with a tap of the MYNT to turn on your smart speaker in an instant. Need to crush your presentation at work? Configure your MYNT as a remote to scroll through your slides effortlessly. Want to get a picture of the gang but don't have long enough arms? Set up your phone and use MYNT to click an amazing selfie.

This smart device also alerts you through the MYNT app if you forget something, like your purse, at home, so you can swing back and grab it before you get to work and realize you don't have your keycard to get inside the building. It can also be attached to your children's jackets so you'll be notified if they trek too far from you while you're running errands. Because nobody puts baby on a leash.



MYNT is a smart, thin loss prevention device and universal remote that will help make life easier by helping you find missing items, reminding you if you forget something, or turning things on or off for you.

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Sleek and on fleek

MYNT has a sleek design. Its stainless steel body gives it a modern look, and its small size (one inch by two inches by just an eighth of an inch thick) makes it easy to carry with you, attach on your keyring or tuck into your wallet.

Its interchangeable battery lasts up to a year, and if the item you've lost is out of range, you can use the MYNT app to ask fellow users to help you track it down.