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Get weather, stock quotes, authentication codes and more on your Pebble with Smart Watch Companion

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Mar 2014 04:58 pm

For those of you who own a BlackBerry 10 device and a Pebble, the choices for native applications in the storefront are rather scarce. Recently, Talk2Watch released a pro version which brought with it not only BBM alerts but a scriptmode function to access notifications and scripts directly on your wrist with just a tap of a button.

Since the developer released the API to allow others to create their own Pebble companion app, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing ones with more functionality spring up. The result is Smart Watch Companion, a native BlackBerry 10 app packed with features and goodies for Pebble owners.

The one thing users should be aware of is that this application requires Talk2Watch Pro or Talk2Watch be installed in order for notifications to send to the Pebble. Though it can run stand-alone if you prefer viewing the data on your device instead of your wrist.

To ensure it runs properly, the application, upon launching for the first time, will check to see if Talk2Watch Pro or Talk2Watch is installed. For those who wish to utilize the script capabilities Talk2Watch Pro is necessary and it will prompt you to install the scripts to access the functions directly on your Pebble with a few taps of a button. By going into the music application and rapidly tapping three times (000) on the top right button you can navigate to the SWC option menu and select from among the available scripts and have the data appear directly on your Pebble without using the companion app or using different button combinations.

Smart Watch Companion includes a plethora of useful features for your day-to-day use. For instance, if you follow certain stocks (as I follow BBRY), you view the latest quote for this or other favorites you may have. You can also access Bitcoin/Litecoin quotes, access the local weather, and view the latest RSS feeds for CrackBerry, the Register or BBC News. Articles may be viewed within the application itself or you may send the titles to your Pebble either in multiple batches or one-by-one. Also included is the ability to view your current location and not only share your GPS coordinates or address with your contacts but have it display on your Pebble as well.

For those who constantly wear their smartwatch there is an Alarm section. Using this tab you can set three independent alarms. Each one will play an audible alert, enable vibration, and send notifications to your Pebble every ten seconds until stopped. You can set each alarm using the on/off toggle switch, select the time using the dropdown, and choose the day using the check boxes below. Users may also control these alarms using scriptmode on the Pebble.

One feature that I happen to like is the Social tab. From here you can view all of your BBM contacts who have SWC installed, view their status and which version they are running, and even initiate a BBM chat with all of your contacts. However, this is dependent on your contacts connecting SWC to BBM.

As we are all security conscious when it comes to our passwords. Smart Watch Companion offers a built-in authenticator for those who use LastPass or Google 2-step verification. Simply input your private key (for Google this is not the App-specific password but the secret key), and SWC will generate verification codes which can be viewed on your device or on your Pebble. I use this constantly and it is certainly helpful when I log in from other machines. One thing to note is that the code expires in a set amount of time with a warning notification sent to your Pebble.

I can honestly say this is quite a useful application for BlackBerry owners with a Pebble. It combines several features into one and all of them are conveniently accessible on both your device and smartwatch. This one certainly packs them in and the developer is open for suggestions for later releases. ​Smartwatch Companion supports BlackBerry 10 running OS 10.2.1 and is $2.99 to buy in BlackBerry World. For those wishing to use the scriptmode and have Talk2Watch Pro, you will need at least Pebble firmware version 2.0 beta 4 installed.

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Get weather, stock quotes, authentication codes and more on your Pebble with Smart Watch Companion

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