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Millennius SmartQ smartwatch available January 31 in Australia for AU$99

By Jared DiPane on 20 Jan 2014 11:53 am

Australian online retailer Millennius has just announced that they will begin selling the SmartQ smartwatch effective January 31 from their website. Starting right now the device is available for pre-ordering, and they expect that shipping will begin on or around the January 31 time frame for this device which is priced at AU$99. 

Running Android 4.3 this smartwatch has some great features for the price, and is something you will definitely want to take a look at if you are in the market. Inside the watch you will find a 1GHz processor, 4GB of memory, 512GB of RAM all of which is covered by a plastic shell. The battery on the SmartQ is said to last anywhere from 2 to 12.5 days, depending on your usage habits and the amount of notifications that are pushed. 

Where the SmartQ really stands out are some of the unique features that they have added. On this device there is a three in one headphone jack which is used to charge, sync and listen to music on the device. In addition the motion sensor inside the device will allow you to easily switch songs, decline calls and many other quick tasks right from a flick of the wrist. As an added bonus the SmartQ is IP-X7 water resistant so it will be able to keep up with what you are able to throw at it through the course of the day with ease.

Does the SmartQ pack enough into a smartwatch to interest you? Be sure to let us know what you think about the watch and if you will be picking one up in the forums now!

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Millennius SmartQ smartwatch available January 31 in Australia for AU$99


I like the price but I think it will be better to wait for a smartwatch with Android KitKat 4.4 as this version is designed to run on these kind of specifications.

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This watch is already available from Smart Q as the Z Watch and already has an update to 4.4.

I got this watch at the end of last year to try out the form factor before jumping in to a more expensive watch.
In the end this does exactly as I want, notifications, music remote, calendar, weather plus a lot more.

There is a huge thread on XDA that covers rooting the watch and sideloading apps.

Smart Q are releasing around an update a week which is great and the last one included ios support.

Yes it exists, Millennius has teamed up with Millennius in Australia as they were selling tablets 2 yrs ago.

So are you saying that there is 4.4? where is it?
and what are smartq releasing?
and can the watch be used with Apple?

Naa that's what kangaroo's are for. I just use my smartwatch to remind me to take the koala for a walk.

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