See your house in a new light

Bring the party to every room in your home by hanging a Smartstrip inside or outside, and control the lights and colors with your phone!

Head toward the light

The Smartstrip is quite possibly the easiest way to add light to the places around your home that need it the most. Whether it's bringing some atmosphere to your home bar, ambiance to your theatre room, an inviting aura to your kitchen, or even setting the mood for a party in your backyard lighting is absolutely key. Recognizing this, ilumi has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their brand new product that lets you install cool lighting (and control it's color) anywhere you can imagine.

Smarstrip by ilumi


The Smartstrip by ilumi is a flexible lighting strip with an adhesive back which allows you to connect your lights and phone to add shine and color inside and outside your home.

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Instant atmosphere

The Smartstrip's powerful LEDs incorporate Bluetooth Mesh wireless connectivity allowing these lights to connect to your phone or tablet from up to 150 feet away. With this connectivity you can program colors of the lights to warm or cool indoor whites to multicolor rainbows depending on your mood and needs. Each Smartstrip features an adhesive back so they're simple to attach or hang anywhere like under a kitchen cupboard or around a curving table. Smartstrip extension lights help you ensure a perfect fit so you can get a complete, uninterrupted band of light where you need it.

Best of all, these lights are rated for indoor and outdoor. So if you need magical crystal lighting for a fancy cocktail party in your great room, or a kaleidoscoping rainbow for a backyard BBQ, the Smarstrip has you covered.