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SmartThings revamps app for easier home automation

By Chuong H Nguyen on 21 May 2014 02:31 pm

The folks at SmartThings have updated its mobile app to help make it easier for consumers to connect all the SmartThings-compatible connected devices around the house as well as for developers to tap into the SmartThings ecosystem.

According to SmartThings, the updated app allows users to easily find, discover, and connect connected devices to their SmartThings home.

  • A new dashboard shows an overview of what's happening around your home. This displays what you've already set up.
  • Smart Setup allows you to add new devices and create new alerts and actions. This allows you set up your home so that the door can unlock automatically when someone arrives, for example.
  • Instructional menus, support articles, and informational videos are also available within the app so that users can learn more about their devices.

From light bulbs to smart appliances, the updated app experience increases the number of devices you can connect around the house from 5 to 10. Additionally, the company hopes that the app will serve as your central hub with a unified dashboard and easier way to set up controls and automate actions.

The company is also creating a certification process to simplify the process and ensure compatibility. SmartThings is counting manufacturers like General Electric, Honeywell, Kwikset and Aeon among its partners in an ecosystem that has over 100 compatible devices.

For developers, SmartThings is creating a standardized way to tap into the back end and it hopes that developers will publish their SmartApps directly within the SmartThings app. This way, customers will know exactly what apps are compatible and what will work with the SmartThings ecosystem without having to hunt down specifics.

You can download the updated SmartThings app from the Google Play Store or from Apple's App Store. Additionally, for more information about the updated app experience, be sure to visit the source link at the bottom for details.

Source: SmartThings

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SmartThings revamps app for easier home automation


This has got my attention. It's looking like a universal remote for the internet of things. Compatible door locks and circuit breakers are the first things on my shopping list.

Guess I have to wait until they come out with a BB app or when BlackBerry 10.3 comes out later this year to start using Smartthings. Wish they were smarter and just make a built for BlackBerry app

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