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Smartwatch boarding passes aren't quite there yet

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By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2014 04:30 pm

Our smartwatches can do all kinds of fun things for us. From telling you the time & date, to giving you the weather forecast, and even letting you know if there's traffic on your commute to work. One of the newer features of watches like Pebble and Android Wear devices is the ability to show your boarding pass when traveling. Some airlines (and train lines too) like Delta and Air Berlin have made it possible to show off a QR code boarding pass when traveling — mostly eliminating the need for a standard, paper version of your credentials in the process. But is it as convenient as it sounds?

Our good buddy Phil at Android Central took his G Watch for a spin to Texas over the weekend, and made use of his Delta boarding pass on his wrist. What seems like a great idea at first actually proves to be a bit more work than it should be.

Rather than just pulling out a paper ticket with your information, you need to fire up an app on your phone, then tell it to show the boarding pass on your watch. Even then you still need to get your wrist in the right direction the code can be scanned — something that Phil notes isn't as easy as you'd think.

Head over to Android Central to see how it all panned out, and drop a comment here letting us know your thoughts on using your smartwatch as a boarding pass.

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Smartwatch boarding passes aren't quite there yet


I tried it once on my Sony smartwatch 2. It's cool and all but yeah still more work than you need to. Then again so is your phone really, you still get a paper luggage ticket and most flights still print a boarding pass because you have to turn the phone off to get on the plane.

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This is why Google Now is so good. If more airlines would integrate with Google Now, your boarding pass would already be in one of your cards and would show up when you needed it. No need to open any apps.