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Smartwatch Fans Podcast 02: #CESlive 2014!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jan 2014 05:32 pm

Kevin, Rene and Phil joined me on this special edition #CESlive podcast to talk Pebble Steel and smartwatches galore at CES 2014. We've seen plenty of awesome devices (and some not so much) and we'll still have plenty of coverage to come. This one's quick so give it a watch and hit up the comments with your thoughts. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to our feed(s) and tell your friends! 




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Reader comments

Smartwatch Fans Podcast 02: #CESlive 2014!


so many watches. I need to grab one of these things. I got a casio gshock on right now. Feels like the stone age lol

Informative podcast! I really enjoy it when the Mobile Nations editors get together and collaborate like this. Such a refreshing change from the typical fanboy wars we see in the forums. Although I'm a big watch collector I never considered getting a smart watch before. I'll be keeping an eye on though to see if that changes. The Pebble Steel's already got me intrigued! Keep up the great work, Adam!

@adomZ Glad your favorite was Kreyos as I am pretty stoked for that too. One question: i have a pebble do think I need the Peeble Steel? I am thinking about pulling the trigger but wanted your opinion.

Hard to say without actually having one. If you're a big Pebble fan and want to step it up — go for it. If not, I'd maybe wait a bit.