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Smarty Ring looks to free up your wrist

By admin on 11 Dec 2013 06:48 pm

Smartwatches are still fairly early in terms of tech, but already one company is looking to take things from your wrist to your finger. The Smarty Ring is all in the name — a smart ring — packing a slew of features into a tiny device you wear on your finger. Much like the Cookoo watch, the Smarty Ring has separate icons for various notifications ranging from SMS to email to phone calls. The Smarty Ring also boasts remote control, phone tracking, “butt dial” notifications and wireless charging.

Right now the project is nearing end on Indiegogo but you can still get in on a Smarty Ring for $175 or a package deal with a higher price tag. It’s hard to say just how well a smart ring will do for the average consumer, but if you really want to geek out there’s no better way to do it.

Check out more on the Smarty Ring at Indiegogo.

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Smarty Ring looks to free up your wrist