Smokers welcome.

This is the typical thought process when we hear a great cooking tip:

  1. Learn something new.
  2. Say "We should try that sometime."
  3. Never try it.

Put your best intentions into your best recipes by elegantly introducing new flavors to your cooking with the Nordic Ware indoor/outdoor smoker.

Heritage Taste

Nordic Ware Smoker

In 1946, in a basement in Minneapolis, a determined wife and husband team began designing what they thought would be the absolute best products for real people to use in real kitchens. No bells. No whistles. Just simple products that work incredibly.

Today, Nordic Ware's indoor/outdoor kettle smoker allows you to prepare an entire roast or chicken, or infuse simply infuses yesterday's dinner leftovers with rich-bodied flavors. Place it on your stovetop. Turn on your fan. Add wood chips, and you can dry or wet smoke your ingredients to add new flavor to old recipes.

Nordic Ware Smoker


An indoor/outdoor smoker for adding new flavors to your cooking.

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Warm-smoked prosciutto added to yesterday's pizza. Applewood-infused pork ribs served to company. Or smoke a veggie medley to enjoy with a week's worth of lunches. When the occasion calls for a meal worth savoring, introduce new textures of flavor to your cooking.