SMS Audio heart-rate sensing headphones leverage Intel tech to solve wearable tech's biggest challenge

SMS Audio heart-rate sensing headphones leverages Intel tech to solve wearable tech's biggest challenge
By Chuong H Nguyen on 14 Aug 2014 07:58 pm

50 Cent's SMS Audio and Intel have partnered together to release new heart-rate sensing headphones. While the headphones sound similar to what LG had released earlier in the year, the Intel partnership solves one of the biggest problems with wearable technology. Thus far, many of the wearables on the market suffer from poor or lackluster battery life, but not so with these SMS Audio headphones as they require no recharging.

Dubbed the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear headphones, the wearables will be water- and swear-resistant, require no batteries of their own to need recharging, and will sync heart rate information with RunKeeper so users can keep track of their health and fitness.

"The headphones will integrate biometric sensors in a custom heart rate monitor in-ear headphone to empower athletes to collect fitness data and achieve peak physical performance," Intel said. "A patented ear-hook design ensures a comfortable fit while an energy-harvesting audio jack removes the need for extra batteries or chargers."

The headphones are coming later this year, though no price point was announced today.

According to a press release issued by both companies, here are some of the features to expect:

  • One-Device Workout Accessory for Ultimate Comfort: A jointly developed heart rate monitor in-ear headphone will put an end to the less convenient, less comfortable chest strap-style monitor while delivering reliable and consistent heart rate monitoring to enable peak performance and progress tracking.

  • Tuned-in Fitness: Listen to music as a way to stay motivated and reach optimal levels of fitness while gathering useful data about the user's health.

  • No Batteries or Charging Required: Eliminate the need to charge the headphones with a 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack that powers the biometric monitoring capabilities so users have the freedom of on-the-go power.

  • Sweat and Water Resistant: No need to worry about working out too hard or in the rain – the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones are IPX4 rated for protection against sweat and resistance to water.

  • Sync with RunKeeper: To help track your heart rate, pace, distance, elevation and calorie burn, the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones will be compatible with popular mainstream fitness app RunKeeper, with additional application support planned in the future. RunKeeper support will enable users to plan fitness routines and track progress – pushing enthusiasts to reach peak performance.

  • Accessories: The headphones will come with a tangle-free cord with an in-line microphone, neoprene carrying case, and three sizes of ear gels and hooks.

Source: Intel

Reader comments

SMS Audio heart-rate sensing headphones leverage Intel tech to solve wearable tech's biggest challenge


Sorta annoying though that it's wired... I agree that it solves the battery problem, but I personally don't find it comfortable going for a jog with a cord dangling about :/ Personal opinion I guess.

No chest strap but wired so no real advantage. Running with wired phones ruins the sound and creates a tangle. I prefer the chest strap. But there are other wireless in ear phones that measure heart beat in the pipeline. German I believe. I'll wait.

I like that they are "swear resistant" That will really help out in the gym!

I also like it when companies try to market old Tech as an innovative solution to a problem caused by more advanced tech - in this case, solving the problem of poor battery life in wireless headphones by adding back the wire. Do they really think we are that gullible? Answer: YES