Snapnator could just save your laptop!

Were you upset when the new MacBooks were launched without the Magsafe connector feature? Well, this Kickstarter brings the Magsafe feature back, and this time, it's not just for Macs.

Charge in a snap

The Snapnator a sleek and small magnetic adapter for your laptop that allows you to charge up in a snap.

You can get a power boost on all your different devices that use USB-C in an instant and unlike the MagSafe that was phased out, Snapnator works with so many devices, from MacBooks, PC laptops and Chromebooks,to smartphones and any USB-C devices.

Best of all, Snapnator could save your computer from falling off a table to its horrible death if someone accidentally trips over the power cord. The magnetic connector just snaps away and your precious device is saved.


If you trip on your cord, Snapnator disconnects so you don't pull your computer down.


The Snapnator is a magnetic laptop adapter that allows you to charge any USB device and could save your computer from falling if someone trips over the power cord.

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This way, that way, any way!

Not only is Snapnator fast-charging and dust-resistant (so it keeps debris from getting trapped inside the charging port), it's also reversible, so it doesn't matter if you attach it right-side-up or upside down, it's still going to click into place and get you charging in a snap. I'll take three, please.