There is a new Kickstarter campaign up that has quickly reached its pledge goal. Meet SNOOZ, a little smart connected acoustic white noise machine designed to help you sleep better.

In 2008, Consumer Reports surveyed 2,021 people and found sound machines to be more helpful than over-the-counter drugs for getting a good night of sleep. SNOOZ will produce peaceful white noise to help you get a better night of sleep. White noise is effective in reducing the delta between your baseline sound and containment sound, meaning sounds appear quieter and less startling. You can control the tone and volume output by spinning the top of the portable SNOOZ unit.

In another study researchers found that newborn babies were 25-80% more likely to fall asleep when exposed to white noise. SNOOZ features a nursery calibration feature to ensure the sound levels are safe for your newborn. SNOOZ creates noise by using a brushless motor powering a small fan that uses the same energy as a 12W LED bulb. It also is meant to produce sound rather than air movement which means SNOOZ will not alter room temperature. It is APP connected using BlueTooth allowing you to control the volume, tone, and power.

The Kickstarter initially hoped to raise $100,000, and it quickly cleared that with over 1,500 backers having pledged over $120,000. If the SNOOZ continues to succeed in gathering backers, the makers hope to implement a nightlight feature and throw in a protective pouch for travel. All the $49 backer spots seem to be gone, but $59 pledge spots are still available that estimate SNOOZ delivery by March 2016.

Pledge to get your SNOOZ sleep machine / $ 59