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Sole power could add life to wearables

The energy from your footsteps can be stored and used to recharge your smartphone or other wearable devices in the future according to a Google Science Fair idea
By Chuong H Nguyen on 8 Jun 2014 06:14 pm

When we think about wearables, we primarily think of sensors and gadgets that latch on to our bodies that provide us with fitness and health data. However, these sensors consume power, and thus far the challenge of wearables has been to extend battery life so that gadgets can continue to sense the world around them in meaningful ways without having the owner worry about recharging. And this is where sole power comes in as a way to harness the power of your footsteps.

Envisioned by Angelo Casimiro, aged 15, as part of a Google Science Fair entry, the idea is that energy from your footsteps can be used to power gadgets. Casimiro's idea is to use a generator that's embedded in the soles of your shoes utilizing two pieces of piezo-electric plates. The plates generate energy when the crystal bends and the generated power can be stored in a battery pack that's used to charge or recharge any device over USB.

The idea is simple and elegant, though doesn't generate ample power just yet. In this instance, an iPhone can be charged for 10 minutes if use only after 2 hours of the wearer actively playing basketball.

Though the idea to charge a power-hungry phone may not yield that much power, Casimiro's idea could be used for devices that consume less power, like wearable sensors if it could be commercialized in the future.

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Sole power could add life to wearables


So you're wearing a fitbit that tracks your steps, and is powered by your steps.

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This sounds along the same lines to the pavegen tech that they're hoping will help power street lights add boards and maybe even info boards as people walk down the street.

Either way "smart kid" all these full time professional gadget designers and not one has come up with anything remotely similar yet.

Or maybe thats the conspiracy to keep us all tied to fossil fuels and batteries when there is many perfectly logical solutions to aid the switch to greener energy!