Solidoodle aims for the mainstream with Press 3D printer

By Joseph Keller on 5 Aug 2014 10:26 am

Solidoodle will soon launch a new set 3D printers, including one aimed at first-time users. The Workbench Apprentice, Press, and Workbench printers wall all take the place of Solidoodle's second and third generation devices, which are being discontinued, and the Solidoodle 4 will be discontinued next month.

The Press is the main attraction in this new lineup. Aimed at newcomers to 3D printing, the Press is a sleak black box, with only the printing chamber visible to users unless their poking around. The Press is a 512 cubic inch printer, and will retail for $599, though it is available for $349 as part of a pre-launch sale. The more traditional Workbench Apprentice and Workbench printers will be available for $799 and $1,299, respectively.

All three of Solidoodle's new printers will go on sale next month. Will you be picking any of them up? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Solidoodle, via The Verge

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Solidoodle aims for the mainstream with Press 3D printer

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