Summer is nearly here and that means once again I will spend many of my nights on my deck. I have everything I need ready to go — my table is clean, grill tanks are full, meat is stocked — but one thing I'm lacking this year is a solid outdoor speaker.

Over the last few months I've been building up my Sonos system in my house. I started with a Playbar in the living room and have since added 3 Play:1 speakers in various rooms. I absolutely love my Sonos (as do most people who own one) and I'm sure I'll be buying more speakers in the months ahead to deck out all of the rooms in my house. One thing I'm sorely lacking as we head into summer however is and outdoor Sonos speaker. Why? Because there isn't one.

Yes, there are solutions for getting Sonos rocking outside. Using a Connect or Connect:Amp you can work some magic with standard outdoor speakers, which of course entails more goodies and accessories than I'd like to deal with. Not to mention I only want the speaker out there for 3 or 4 months out of the year.

In my perfect Sonos-soundtracked world, a small Play:1 size speaker would be a perfect fit. I'd take Play:3 or Play:5 size but I'm not going to get picky. One that I could put outside for the duration of the summer — immune to the elements — and bring back in at the end of the season for indoor use. Sure, I could haul out another speaker on an as-needed basis, but that's a pain (for me at least). I don't want to have to remember to bring the speaker back inside each time I use it, or if I'm only going to be outside for a bit but still want music. Heck, even some sort of weather-proof casing would be fine in my book, as long as it keeps my speaker safe and dry.

So this is my plea, dear Sonos. Please, please, please let us have an outdoor speaker. I'm a lock to buy at least one, and I'll be sure to get my friends to pick up a few as well. Especially Kevin, he's a sucker for Sonos speakers. I promise you won't regret it, and I'll be a super happy camper.