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Sonos shows off their hot new Controller app

By Derek Kessler on 7 May 2014 11:51 am

Several weeks back, Sonos announced that they were going to have a new version of their Controller app for iOS and Android coming, and though they've had users beta testing it for a while, today we're getting our first real glimpse at how it looks. And it looks good.

The app brings the features we know and love about Sonos, just better looking and more smartly organized. Album art is surfaced across the app, as is discovery of new music from across the web. Most importantly, Sonos will have universal search across your libraries and streaming services.

We still don't have a time frame more specific than this spring for when the app will be available, but we're looking forward to it nonetheless.

Sonos users, what do you think? Is this updated Controller app looking like everything you've dreamed it would be?

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Sonos shows off their hot new Controller app


Looks great.... Now I just need to win the Sonos that Connectedly is giving away. This comment brings me one step closer.

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I've been using the new app during the beta testing and it is so much better than the old app. More intuitive, better looking and with the universal search everything is easily accessible. The hardware side of the company has a nice variety of offerings it was due time to modernize the software as well.

Looks nice. I'm with you on new update that takes the Bridge out of the picture and hoping this works as well as advertised.

Wish I could find the cash to try this out! Maybe Connectedly will hook me up in the contest.

The new app is really great. All of the improvements make so much sense especially the globalized search the finds across all services enabled. And yes, the next big update will remove the need for the bridge. Good work Sonos!

No windows phone app? I hope they do... IN any case, this looks pretty awesome. They do good work, and it looks pleasing to the eye. They've thought of everything... so far.