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Sonostar at #CESlive

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2014 06:45 pm

The floor as CES is flooded with attendees and we've hit the ground running, in search of the best smartwatches at the show. We found ourselves at the Wrist Revolution section which was packed with plenty of wrist love.

The folks at Sonostar gave us a great look at their upcoming watch, due out in the next few months. The watch features a 1.73" curved touchscreen e-paper display. It connects via Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices (no Windows Phone or BlackBerry in sight) and notifies you for emails, SMS, phone calls, Twitter, sports alerts and much more. The Sonostar is available now for pre-order at $179 in both black and white variants. 

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Sonostar at #CESlive


E-paper is the way to go when it comes to constantly reading something. They're thinking ahead with this device.

Yeah I realllly like this device as well. That display looks awesome and I'm pumped to get my hands on one. 

Is it just me or are these videos not designed to be seen on Mobiles...? Can't see any of them on my Lumia 1520 (even if I click on the "View on YouTube" link)... :(

Is it possible that the Smartwatches that utilize Android Apps will work with the updated Android runtime in BB 10? Similar to what was shown on the Sony SW2?

This looks really nice for a sports watch. I'm tempted, but reading through their FAQ it doesn't seem like their app will let you select notifications from any app on your phone like the Martian, Pebble or Toq do. For me a smart watch must support the option to let me display any standard android notification, not just ones they've built special apps for (like Facebook or Twitter). That's especially important for us Google Voice users who get 99% of their texts via GV, not the regular SMS phone app.