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This module from Sony brings smart functionality to your regular eyewear

Sony Optical Display Module
By Rich Edmonds on 17 Dec 2014 04:56 am

Sony has today announced a new display module, which can be attached to a pair of glasses and add smart functionality. Think of it as a small device to turn your boring pair of glasses into a smart wearable as we head into 2015. The main highlight of this module is the ability for it to be detached and re-attached as the owner pleases, negating the requirement to have a bulky pair of glasses throughout the day.

The module supports Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi and renders content from a 640x400 OLED microdisplay. The on-board power plant has enough juice to power all the components, but is limited to 400 mAh. Not only is Sony looking at companies who produce eyewear, but also products that are tailored for specific uses, including sports and entertainment.

By making the product available to such a wide range of outlets, Sony will promote the adoption of wearable devices in new areas, thereby contributing to the further development of the market. Sony will also provide software development kits (SDK) to partnering organizations for this Single-Lens Display Module boasting rich arithmetic processing capabilities, thereby embarking on a new commercial solutions business that will broaden the world of wearable devices.

Sony will unveil the display module for the first time at CES 2015, forming the concept model "SmartEyeglass Attach!". Be sure to follow Connectedly for coverage from the event. Read through the official announcement for more details.

Source: Sony

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This module from Sony brings smart functionality to your regular eyewear


Neat! I wonder if they will make one sans camera? I've always though the idea of a HUD would be neat, but I don't want a camera on my face. I also wear glasses so google glass was out, and I'm not paying an arm and a leg for custom glasses, they cost enough already. I don't think the hud tech is there yet, but I can imagine cool uses (with the camera being optional or take on/off for privacy reasons).

Get the price right and I (and many other cyclists ) will get this.

I like the idea it can be attached to different glasses as I have different sports glasses for different conditions.

Edit: just read the Sony release. Reads like they are punting it to other manufacturers as an add on to their products. I hope they make it available directly to end users.

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I would've thought Bluetooth 4 would be the minimum for something like this, what with it's low energy mode.

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