Sony to finally add theme support for PS4 in upcoming update

By John Callaham on 1 Sep 2014 08:53 am

Sony announced today that an upcoming firmware update for their PlayStation 4 game console will finally allow it to download and install different user interface themes for placement on its dashboard, which is something that the older PS3 console has supported since it launched in 2006.

In a press conference in Japan today, Sony said the PS4 themes would include game-themed wallpapers that can be put in the background of the PS4's user interface, along with icons that can replace some of the game console's regular UI icons. There's no word on when the firmware update that will include this kind of support will be released. There's also no word if PS4 owners will be allowed to create custom themes.

PS3 owners have been able to download both free and paid themes for their console from the PlayStation Store, including some that have animated elements to their background images. What do you think of the upcoming addition for themes for the PS4?

Source: Polygon

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Sony to finally add theme support for PS4 in upcoming update

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The PS3 did not launch with themes. I don't recall when it got them, but it was not there when I bought mine 6 months after launch. I don't think it had them for almost a year after that, but it was a long time ago.