Sony First Flight

Sony has launched a new crowdfunding platform to allow consumers to browse through and finance projects put forward by company employees. Think of it as an internal version of Kickstarter, but limited to Sony ideas and projects. As well as offering funds to get projects under way, the new website from Sony also lets you pre-order and purchase new products already available.

There are a few projects listed on the First Flight website, including a FES e-ink watch and an all-in-one remote control titled HUIS (Home User Interfaces). Videos, photos, project team info and even a blog for each listing are available for backers to remain up-to-date with goings ons. It's an interesting platform by Sony that will surely attract those who enjoy backing unique products over what the company currently offers on the market.

There's one problem with First Flight, which is Sony has only opened its doors to Japan for the time being. Check out Sony's First Flight website for more details on upcoming projects.

Source: Sony