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Sony launching white PS4 as part of Destiny bundle this fall

White PS4
By Richard Devine on 10 Jun 2014 06:47 am

If the black PS4 is a little too boring looking for you then you'll definitely want to check out the extremely hot white version launching this fall. Coming as part of a special Destiny bundle it will be available worldwide and will be accompanied by a white Dualshock 4 controller and a white vertical stand.

The bundle will cost $449/€439 but the console will also be available on its own in Europe for €399. The controller will be available alongside an Urban Camouflage version and will cost $59/€59. The vertical stand will cost €19 in Europe.

While the white PS4 does look amazing, there's yet more news for Sony's latest and greatest. While it'll sit there looking hot under your TV we'll always take additional functionality, too, and Sony has also announced that the PS4 will finally get its YouTube app later this year. With a press of the PS4's share button gamers will be able to upload their streams to YouTube with ease as well as having access to regular YouTube features.

So, thinking about that PS4? Thinking about holding off now?

White Ps4

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Sony launching white PS4 as part of Destiny bundle this fall


I'm sure Kevin will get a White one. He loves his white devices.

I'm still waiting for an upgraded PS4 bundle. Yes it comes with game, controller and new colour but so far, looks to be the same internally. I want an upgraded version hardware wise.

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Of course it's going to be the same internally. The only thing that's going to change is the external look, else they risk breaking compatibility with games and features.

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I'm hoping the PS4 will go the way the PS3 did. Either slim, bigger hd space out of box or a few tweaks as well as lower price, and extra stuff.

I'm not saying it'll be huge changes, but once more people buy a PS4, they'll start running short of new buyers and will need to add more to entice people to buy it.

That's when I'll get one... maybe. probably won't last that long though lol

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I don't really care what colour my PS4 is, it will be decked out with a VS decal of my own flavour by the time planetside 2 hits it!