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Sony releases Instagram app extension for the SmartWatch 2

Sony SmartWatch 2
By Rich Edmonds on 6 May 2014 07:51 am

Sony has released an Instagram smart extension for its SmartWatch 2. This handy little app enables owners of the smartwatch to check through Instagram notifications, as well as friends' comments while on the move. New activities in the account feed will be pulled down, triggering a vibration-based alert.

Just when you thought custom watch faces and wallpapers were everything, Instagram comes knocking on your watch with some social updates. Ready to get started with the photo sharing network and your SmartWatch 2? Download the app from the Google Play Store.

Sony SmartWatch 2

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Sony releases Instagram app extension for the SmartWatch 2


My first smartwatch was the Sony smartwatch. Too bad it was horrible! It almost ruined my view of smart watches.

I guess that's the benefit of a smart watch with a color touch screen. I hope similar apps are available when the moto 360 comes out, thats the watch I have my eye on

I have been holding of upgrading from the original of these till the google ware watches actually hit the shelves. As long as My note 3 isn't locked down to samsungs horrid tizen based gear watches I do have my eye on the Motorola 360, really digging the round face on that lovely bit of kit.

The largest problem with wearables right now is the terrible battery life. When smartwatch battery life lasts a week or longer, then wide spread adoption will follow. These days I barely remember to plug in my phone at the end of the night. I can't imagine going to sleep and plugging in a phone, tablet, watch... the list just keeps getting longer. EDIT: not to mention bluetooth headsets.

If we think capasity what manuafacter would use on their platforms: samsung and sony have their own watch ecosystem then there is little pebble own and propably apple will make it own, but google with android wear has very big partners and there will be many different wathces, i think that sony will make smartwatch 3 and it will be their last smartwatch on their own smartwatch ecosystem, i have smartwatch 2 and its app development is lacking.

Smartwatches will come same as smartphones: googles android wear based devices, apples iwatch and microsofts watch based devices. The small players will be mostly out in 2-3 years becouse they do not have enought money to boost app develoment which is essential, at least when smartwatches will be really popular.

I was tempted by one of these until android wear appeared! Sorry Sony my money will be going to LG or Motorola

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